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Visage Clinic. Mantox, redefine the existing masculine form

At the Visage Clinic, we pride ourselves as being one of only clinics to specialise in Botox for men. The modern man, successful, driven and accomplished has endured a lot to achieve their goals . This can in time leave the face looking tired and stressed. At Visage Clinic about thirty percent of our patients are male, one of the reasons we are so popular amongst the male demographic is due to our ability to obtain natural, refreshed and youthful results with Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A injections. The main goal in male Botulinum Neurotoxins Type A injections is to redefine the existing masculine form.

The anatomy of the male face differs from that of women with respect to muscle mass and muscle fibre pattern. Our Doctors are highly experienced in treating the male face and have a specially tailored Mantox treatment that will leave you looking rested,relaxed and invigorated.

Our treatment will retain that rugged look whilst softening the signs of aging, leaving your skin fresh and revitalised. Our Botulinum Neurotoxin Type a ( Botox) treatments are popular with male patients that spend a lot of time with clients and business meetings, looking fresh,rested and relaxed is important for the modern dynamic man. Visage Clinic provides the best male botox or mantox treatments on the market.

We guarantee to knock ten years off your face!

Mantox for looking fresh, rested and relaxed

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