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Why you don’t want cheap Botox!

Why you don’t want cheap Botox!


Are we the cheapest Botox in Cork?

In a word! No!
Cheap Botox – Groupon , Pigsback , Discount Botox , Best price Botox , Cheap Dermal Fillers

“I’m not so rich that I can afford to buy cheap things” –
Are the words cheap or discount really what you want to be associated with anything that you put into your face! Wake up guys!!! You wouldn’t be seen going out on a Saturday night with a hole in your dress or wearing a cheap ill fitting suit, so what makes your face different??
Think about it.

Do you want to get Botox from Groupon?

Clothes you can change or bin, but get cheap Botox or discount fillers and you’re stuck with the results for months. Not to mention the as yet unknown long term effects of the inferior products used in these discount deals!

Botox Treatments Cork, Dublin, Killarney

What products do we use at Visage Clinic – Botox, Juvederm?

Here at Visage Clinic Cork we use only the best products, Botox from Allergen and dermal and lip fillers from Juvederm. Our professional fee schedule is very competitive. We have one of the largest Botox and dermal fillers accounts in Ireland and because of that we can offer premium products at competitive prices. We are that little bit more expensive than the rest, but just a little bit. But we offer top quality products and unparalleled customer service. All our patients are offered a free aesthetic consultation with one of our Harley Street trained doctors. Every client who receives a Botox treatment is reviewed two weeks post treatment and if a top-up is required it’s free of charge. Patient satisfaction is the cornerstone of our practice. We value each and every person that walks through the doors of Visage Clinic and obsess over getting the best and most natural looking results possible for you! Our treatments are painless and quick. In a word we are slick at what we do. If we told you we’re good, you would probably think we’re boasting, If we tell you we’re no good, you’d know we’re lying.
The compliment we receive most often is that clients report that people said they look great, rested, relaxed and more youthful, but can’t quite put their finger on what or why! That’s what we strive co that’s our goal, natural looking results.

We are not the cheapest. But are we the best at Botox in Cork?

Forget the rest, we are hands down the best at what we do. Our results speak for themselves. Between them our doctors have performed thousands of aesthetic treatments. We have availability 6 days a week. All ourIrish doctors are locally based and we value the one on one relationship we build we all our patients. We take pride in being the best at what we do and YOU are our number one priority the minute you walk through the doors of Visage Clinic!