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How often should I have my Botox Treatments at Visage Clinic?

How often should I have my Botox Treatments at Visage Clinic?


At Visage Clinic this is one of the most commonly asked questions. For a lot of people the idea of Botox can be daunting, the first time for anything can be a little stressful. At Visage Clinic information is key to every treatment, unlike other providers our team of Harley Street trained doctors discuss every aspect of your treatment in a free consultation. We talk about how Botox works, what you can expect and most importantly ,how we tailor your treatment specifically around your needs. Our aesthetic treatments are unique, bespoke and tailored to ensure that your results are not only natural but also lasting. The first thing we ensure is that you receive a warm welcome,as medical professional we understand that some people can be a little nervous prior to their first treatment. From the moment you enter our clinic, we aim to make your experience as stress free as possible. Your aesthetic consultation is free and is one on one with a member of our Aesthetic team. At Visage Clinic we really take our time in explaining what it is we do , our consultation protocol encompasses a detailed assessment of facial anatomy and areas that can benefit from rejuvenation treatment using injectables ,such as botox and dermal fillers. During the consultation we listen, we discuss concerns, worries and talk about how we address these issues and formulate a plan for the best results , results that are specific to your wants and to your needs.

Botox skin transformation

What areas of the face can you treat with Botox in Visage Clinic?

Botulinum Neurotoxin Type A or Botox is highly effect in treating the signs of aging in the upper face. There are three main areas that we tend to focus on during a botox consultation and also during your treatment.
  1. The first area is made up of  the Glabella and Procerus Muscles, we often refer to this area as the lower forehead. Basically this is the area between your eyes and if you are a “frowner” than people often identify this area as a problem area. The distribution and variation of lines at this point is very specific. Some patients tend to have a “1” line, some have an “11” line,whilst others may have an omega style distribution. The reason for these variations is specific to the patients muscle strength ,thickness and you guessed it, how much they frown.
  2. The second area is made up of the Frontalis muscle. This is a relatively large area of muscle that makes up the upper forehead. This area is problematic in the “raiser upper” patient, often these people tend to raise their eyebrows quite often. Over time the skin become tired and with elastin and collagen loss, the skin can develop heavy lines.
  3. The third area is made up of a muscle group called the orbicularis oculi muscles or also known as the dreaded crows feet. The distribution and pattern of lines and wrinkles at this point is variable and again highlights the importance of have a detailed consultation and a tailored treatment plan. For some patients, wrinkles at this area tend to be in a star pattern, for others it can appear as a strong line emerging from the corner of eye,whilst for other patients these lines tend to run downwards in the direction of the cheek. Our experienced team of Harley street trained aesthetic doctors tailor the injection points to ensure the most effective and natural looking of results.

How long will my Botox last?

This is another commonly asked question at Visage Clinic. On average Botox takes 4-6 days to take effect and is at its maximum strength at 14 days. All patients at Visage Clinic attend a review at the two week mark, this allows us to view your results and add additional Botox if required( with no extra charge). Follow up is a very important process in your treatment pathway and is a part of the clinical guidelines that we have in place. On average Botox lasts for about 3 months. From the two week mark Botox gets a little weaker everyday, at the three month mark your botox will be broken down and the muscle will have returned to its normal movement.This is the average time frame but some patients interact with botox a little differently and may get a longer affect.

Botox temple injection

How often should i have my Botox treatments at Visage Clinic?

At Visage Clinic we are very much driven and lead my industry standards and the pursuit of optimal results. We mentioned above that Botox lasts for about three months, from both our experience and manufacturers guidelines we recommend that patients keep their first three to four treatments at the three month mark. The rational for this is that you are effectively giving your face 12 months or a full calendar year of complete relaxation. Skin tone and texture tend to improve over this time and also deeper lines tend to fade from view. One of the elements in Botox treatments is that we reduce the strength of the muscle, with consecutive treatments the muscles reduces in power, this can give the affect of a patients botox lasting longer and so the time frame between each treatment can now be extended.

How do i make an appointment at Visage Clinic Cork for Botox?

The answer is simple, you can either book in via our website, call us on 021-2348183, facebook /instagram @visageclinicalbeauty  or on twitter @visagecork. So, thinking of botox treatment, be informed and make an appointment for your free aesthetic consultation. Redefine your Beauty at Visage Clinic.

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