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Dermal filler secrets to looking younger

Dermal filler secrets to looking younger


It’s likely by now that most people have heard of Dermal Fillers. The surge in the treatments popularity has has seen a dramatic rise. If you have yet to try facial rejuvenation and enhancement with dermal fillers, you will likely be tempted at some point in the future. Why , I hear you ask? Dermal fillers in the hands of one of Visage Clinics trained medical professionals will enhance your appearance, rejuvenate and restore volume loss and significantly reduce the signs of ageing.
Dermal fillers are hugely effective in contouring the face and restoring volume loss. Ageing is in effect volume loss, the mid face, lips and lower jaw being the main areas affected. Dermal filler treatments are not permanent , but the results can last up to one year. The results of dermal fillers when carried out in safe,trusted and experienced hands are subtle and natural looking.

Why are Dermal Fillers increasing in popularity?

As a general rule there has been a global acceptance to cosmetic facial enhancement and non surgical aesthetic treatments. Ireland is following this curvre, not only are we producing Botox and Dermal Fillers for global consumption with Allergan’s facility in WestPort but we are also using the products in increased numbers. The treatments are popular amongst men and women for the treatment on nasolabial lines, lip enhancement,cheek augmentation and marionette lines. Dermal fillers are perfect for Restoration ,enhancement and rejuvenation of the ageing face. The treatments popularity is also due to their temporary nature and quite affordable pricing ( Visage Clinic Dermal fillers 1ml & Lip Fillers 0.55ml are €300),plus there is little or no downtime with the treaments.

Dermal fillers the secret to a younger face

Will dermal fillers restore Volume to my face?

The simple answer is yes. Dermal fillers are excellent in restoring facial volume that is lost with ageing. Plump up thinning lips, restore mid face volume loss and reducing the appearance of bone atrophy and volume loss in the cheeks. Dermal fillers are also effective in treating acne scaring and traumatic scars. Hyaluronic acid is what dermal fillers are made from,perfectly safe the compound is slowly absorbed by the body over a period of time.

Is there a one fit all approach to dermal fillers?

No is the answer. Dermal fillers are a tailored ,bespoke treatment and the indications are as varied and unique as the persons face. The injecting approach, filler type, volume and anatomical target areas and all carefully considered before a treatment. The consistency of dermal fillers changes in relation to the different parts of the face treated. For example, dermal fillers used to treat nasolabial folds tend to be slightly heavier/thicker when compared to dermal fillers used in lip augmentation.

Dermal fillers before and after

Will Dermal Fillers make my face look cushion like ?

The answer is no. A myth and misconception about dermal filler treatments. The results of dermal filler treatments at Visage Clinic are subtle yet noticeable. The idea of restoring lost volume and enhancing what was naturally once there is the main goal of the treatment. Dermal filler treatments are indeed volume dependent and the more volume used the more dramatic the results. Again, we draw back to the idea of a natural look, start with a foundation volume and augment as you desire. The bespoke nature of these treatments and the fact that they last for up to one year allows you to contour ,shape and sculpt. The perfect shape or look can be achieved over a period of time.
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