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Best Oxygen Facials in Cork at Visage Clinic

Best Oxygen Facials in Cork at Visage Clinic


Best Oxygen Facials in Cork at Visage Clinic?

Looking for the best Oxygen facials on the market, keep reading and let us explain why Visage Clinic is the best at Oxygen facials. Oxygen facials were first introduced in 2002 and have become a hugely popular treatment with both celebrities and the general public. At Visage Clinic our unique and exclusive range of oxygen based cosmetics are delivered to the deep dermal layer by a jet of purified oxygen. With 95% oxygen delivery, the treatment allows for the cosmetic serums to be absorbed and become more effective than a conventional facial. The treatment is more hygienic and medical based as opposed to sensual, the effect of this clinical treatment is brighter, fresher and firmer skin.

How does an oxygen facial work?

At Visage Clinic we specialise in non surgical aesthetic treatments, primarily Botox and Dermal Fillers, there are limitations to these treatments and often clients were asking about specific areas , under the eyes and neck in particular. Our team of Doctors researched and looked at different treatments and after some time decided that oxygen based facials were the best treatment option for our patients. The procedure is bespoke to the individuals skin type and is specific to the serums used, collagen and hyaluronic acid treatments are hugely popular and are great for rejuvenation of tired skin. The treatment takes approximately seventy minutes and is very relaxing. The use of pure oxygen has not only an antibacterial effect on the skin but allows for the creams and serums to be absorbed and penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. At Visage Clinic our treatment plan advises one facial a week for four weeks, the reason for this is that skin renews every twenty eight to twenty nine days,so by months end the skin is vibrant, invigorated and refreshed.

Oxygen Facial

What are the types of Oxygen Facials at Visage Clinic?

At Visage Clinic our oxygen facials are built around your skin type, your needs and most importantly the best results. Our anti aging rejuvenation oxygen facial is the treatment of choice for those that have lost volume and moisture to the skin, especially fine lines around the eyes and skin sag at the nap of the neck. The results from this oxygen facial are seen with tighter, firmer skin. Our Pigmentation treatment is very effective for patients that have uneven skin tone and wish to brighten tired skin. Our purity facial treatment restores clarity and flawlessness to skin that is susceptible to outbreaks. Our unique use of hyaluronic essence if very effective in treating fine lines and bags under the eyes.

What are the Benefits of Oxygen Facials at Visage Clinic?

  • Oxygen facials have zero down time, the treatment is soothing and relaxing. Make up can be applied almost immediately post treatments , unlike other facials where you have to wait for several hours.
  • There is zero pain ,no stinging or itching with oxygen facials , the skin is left soft and soothed. There are no needles involved and the treatment is kind to sensitive skin
  • The results are often immediate, a lot of clients at Visage Clinic report an immediate glow to their skin. The skin looks younger, fresher and more vibrant
  • The use of hyaluronic acid and pure oxygen is beneficial for cell growth and renewal. Our skin absorbs pollutants and impurities from the environment , oxygen facials remove these impurities
  • For those that want to start their anti aging and skin care regimen but feel that they are not yet ready for botox then oxygen facials are an ideal starting point.

Why should I have an oxygen facial at Visage Clinic?

Taking care of your skin is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Nothing can replace clean eating and exercise but sometimes our skin needs a little more help. Hydration , nourishment and renewal are vital for a healthy complexion and are important to offset the aging process. If you’re thinking of an aesthetic facial then contact us at Visage Clinic to arrange your free oxygen facial consultation. Call us on 021 2348183 , follow us on Facebook/instagram @visageclinicalbeauty  or on Twitter @visagecork. Redefine your beauty at Visage Clinic.