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Why Visage is the Best at Painless Botox?

Why Visage is the Best at Painless Botox?


Why is Visage Clinic is the best at Painless Botox ?

The Visage Clinic newest Aesthetic blog discusses the concept of Painless Botox. At Visage Clinic one of the most common questions we get asked by people is “Does Botox Hurt?” For some people the idea of pain will put them off the idea of Botox, they would rather live with deep lines and wrinkles rather than having to experience any discomfort. With all aesthetic treatments information and doing your homework is Vital. We sat down with our Team of experienced Aesthetic Doctors and asked them some of your most commonly asked questions.

Does Botox Hurt?

We estimate that about one in every 30 people describe feeling a minimal amount of discomfort. The majority of people don’t even notice the injections and are surprised when the botox treatment is over. No pain, no gain is not always true!

So why do people ask if Botox Hurts?

Simple, needles! No one likes the idea of pain from something sharp. One of the reasons people don’t feel pain during their botox treatment at Visage Clinic comes down to the “Gauge” of the needle. The needles used in Visage Clinic for our Botox Treatments are Ultra fine micro needles, the thinnest needles available on the market today. The needles we use are even smaller than the needles a diabetic person would use to administer their daily insulin.

Is it important to have an Experienced Doctor perform your Botox?

Absolutely, yes. We have talked about our use of ultra fine needles, the second reason we provide painless botox is due to our team of experienced aesthetic doctors. Our Doctors are so experienced and so good at performing botox treatments that you may even notice the injections taking place!. Well trained, well practiced and a gentle touch are the cornerstones of painless botox treatments.

Painfree botox

What about if I do feel pain from my Botox Treatment?

If you are one of those one in thirty people that experience discomfort , don’t worry! The discomfort is comparable to a slight pinch and does not last.

Will I get a bruise from my Botox treatment?

This is another concern that people have about botox treatments. It is almost impossible to say whether someone will get a small bruise or not. The botox therapy itself does not cause any bruising , the bruise can occur due to the needle coming into contact with a tiny vessel.Our experienced Doctors take every precaution to ensure that you do not bruise. All our patients get a take home post treatment advice sheet. Some areas have a slightly higher risk of bruising, around the eyes for example. At Visage Clinic our Aesthetic Physicians are well versed in Botox treatments and we are proud to say that post treatment bruising is minimal .

How do i get painless botox in Cork?

Simple, just contact Visage Clinic. email us at [email protected] . Call on 021 2348183 , text 0851892489 . find us on facebook @visageclinicalbeauty , Twitter @visagecork and on instagram @visageclinicalbeauty . Painless Botox is finally here! Redefine your Beauty at Visage Clinic