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Are Lip filler treatments in Cork painful?

Are Lip filler treatments in Cork painful?


Are Lip filler treatments in Cork Painful?

In short the answer is no! Lip Augmentation or lip filler treatments have become more common in recent years and like most things in life… if it hurts then we tend to avoid it! The procedure is well tolerated by most people and there are a few things that we do at Visage Clinic to make your experience as stress free as possible. With the use of topical numbing cream and lip fillers that contain anaesthetic the treatment is virtually pain free…No pain no gain is not always true!

What is involved in a lip filler treatment?

At Visage Clinic we have developed a tailored patient pathway that allows for a seamless experience from the moment you first contact the clinic. Firstly, we offer a free consultation service. This is vital to any procedure , seeing the clinic, meeting your doctor and asking your questions. Considering a treatment like this ,it’s vital to do your homework. At your consultation, a tailored treatment plan will be designed by your Doctor. Lips come in different shapes and sizes and patients wants and wishes often vary. More volume, more shape and more definition are all aspects of lip augmentation that are very subjective and specific to your desired look.

What happens after my lip filler consultation?

Once you have had your consultation, you have the option to go straight to your treatment. Most patients opt for this.Having asked questions and discussed the procedure, the treatment is the next step.

Lip Fillers

How long do lip filler treatments take?

At Visage Clinic, patient experience and satisfaction is hugely important. The longest part of your treatment is your consultation. The actually treatment time is under five minutes. Our Doctors are highly trained and exceptional at what they do, the treatment is refined and streamlined to be as quick as possible whilst ensuring the best cosmesis.

What actually happens in a lip filler treatment?

Step 1: Your free consultation, discussion about your desired look, expectations, treatment concerns,consent etc
Step 2: You’re now in the Visage Clinic treatment chair. Now it’s time to relax and be assured that you have made the right choice at Visage Clinic. Communication is key and our doctors talk you through every step of the treatment. Numbing cream is applied to your lips, some patients prefer not to have this as our lip fillers also contain numbing anaesthetic
Step 3: The actually treatment. The initial “scratch” of the needle is the only thing that people feel.Typically a top lip treatment will be made up of about three to four injections, the same for a bottom lip.
Step 4: After the injections, each lip is massaged, this allows for your Doctor to shape and contour the lip. Symmetry and balance are key to this treatment.
Step 5: Congratulations! You have beautiful new lips! After your treatment, your Doctor will talk you through our post treatment advice sheet. Your treatment is now complete!

What Clinic is the best at Lip fillers in Cork?

Easy, having read our blog, our reviews and our website, i am sure you already know. Love your lips with Visage Clinic. For more information about our lip filler treatments then see our website, Facebook @visageclinicalbeauty or contact us on 021 -2348183. Redefine Your Beauty At Visage Clinic.