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Best Excessive sweating treatment in Cork at Visage Clinic

Best Excessive sweating treatment in Cork at Visage Clinic


Best excessive sweating treatment in Cork at Visage Clinic?

Excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterized by over activation of sweat glands. The condition can affect any part of the body but if most common in the axilla ( armpit) , feet and hands. At Visage Clinic we specialise in the treatment of hyperhidrosis and are Cork’s number one provider of the treatment.

How does Botox help with excessive sweating?

The use of botox to treat excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis has proven to be effective in reducing the activity of sweat glands. Botox also know as Botulinum Toxin A is carefully administered via a series of injections to the affected area. Botox works by reducing the activity of the sweat glands thus reducing the amount of sweat produced, resulting in a sweat free area.

Is botox treatment for excessive sweating painful?

The answer is no. At Visage clinic or extensive experience in treating this issue has resulted in a specially formulated protocol. The result is a pain free treatment.

Sweaty man

What do you do for sweaty palms?

Every client that attends Visage Clinic undergoes a free consultation. This allows for assessment of the condition, the severity and anatomical areas affected. This consultation also allows you to meet your treating doctor and to ask any questions that you may have about the treatment. Once you decide that you would like to go ahead with treatment, the process begins, your doctor will assess the areas affected and select a safe and effective dosage. For sweating of the palms, we ask our patients to hold sterile ice packs for a period of 15-20 minutes. After this process topical local anaesthetic cream is applied to the palms to even further numb the area. Once this process is complete as series of injections takes place into targeted areas on the palm, the treatment is virtually pain free.

How long does it take for botox treatment for sweaty palms to work?

Botox begins to work between 3-5 days and is at it’s maximum strength at day 14. At Visage Clinic our clients are followed up and reviewed at the two week mark. This is to assess the patient response to treatment and also to administered any additional botox. This top up is included in the your initial treatment price.

Are there any complications to botox injections for sweaty palms?

The risk of bruising following injecton may occur, the procedure is carried out under sterile conditions therefore the risk of infection is small. Temporary weakness in the injected muscle may occur for the palm sites, this is most noticeable when opening a bottle top. For most clients they experience no issues post treatment. The reduction in sweat production and the removal of the awkward social situation of sweaty palms leaves all our clients happy with their treatments.

Bare armpit hyper-hydrosis

Is Visage Clinic the best place for excessive sweating treatment in Cork?

Visage Clinic has a team of vastly experienced medical doctors providing excellent treatments for excessive sweating of the forehead,armpit,hands, feet and back , also known as hyperhidrosis. We are Ireland’s leading provider of the treatment and have an excellent client satisfaction record. If you suffer from excessive sweating and the you have tried all the recommended creams and treatments then maybe it is time to consider botox treatment for your excessive sweating.
Call us or email for you free consultation and assessment. Don’t sweat it this summer with Visage Clinic