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Why Visage Clinic Is The Best At Dermal Fillers in Cork?

Why Visage Clinic Is The Best At Dermal Fillers in Cork?


Best Dermal Fillers in Cork?

There are many providers of dermal filler treatments and it is important that every person is well informed before any treatment. Doing your homework will allow you to choose the best provider. Visage Clinic is the best dermal filler provider in Cork and Munster.
Other providers promise price matching and the best price dermal fillers in Cork. So the why should you choose to have your dermal filler treatment at Visage Clinic Cork?
  • Our dermal filler treatments are carried out by Irish Medical Doctors.
  • Our Doctors have undergone extensive training in aesthetic medicine in Harley Street, London.
  • All of our dermal filler ranges are clinically tested and are adhere to strict European and United States quality control standards.
  • We are fully insured with Hamilton Fraser Insureres, the largest underwriters of cosmetic procedures in Ireland and the United Kingdom
  • At Visage Clinic we have availability 6 days a week. That means no waiting, book your appointment today and get your dermal filler treatments carried out the next day.
  • Finally and most importantly , Visage Clinic is a dedicated Aesthetic Medicine Clinic and not a hair salon or beauty parlour where treatments are carried out infrequently with little follow up. Visage Clinic is a full time, professional, Doctor lead, Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in the heart of Cork City.

Dermal filler case study cork

Does Visage Clinic offer the Best Price Dermal Fillers in Cork?

At Visage Clinic we don’t believe in cheap dermal fillers. Believe us, you don’t want cheap dermal fillers, but if you do there are plenty of so call clinics in Cork offering these treatments. At Visage Clinic our prices are competitive, we do not offer cheap dermal filler treatments. Dermal filler treatments are an expensive treatment, the cost of product, insurance and your Doctors expertise are all factors that contribute to treatment pricing. If the price is too cheap then ask yourself the question…Why? At Visage Clinic we offer quality dermal filler treatments at competitive prices.  

Which clinic offers the best Dermal Filler treatments in Cork?

Visage Clinic offers the best Dermal Filler treatments in Cork and Munster. Our bespoke treatments are tailored with your wants and wishes in mind. Every client undergoes an extensive free aesthetic consultation prior to treatment. This allows you to meet your treating Doctor and to discuss your treatment options. Our Dermal Filler treatments are tailored to Nasolabial folds, lip fillers,lip augmentation, marionette lines and non surgical rhinoplasty Thinking of Dermal Fillers, then think Visage Clinic. Growing old isn’t an option, looking your best is. Redefine your beauty at Visage Clinic.