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Wedding Botox

Wedding Botox


Getting married soon and thinking about Wedding Botox?

We asked our doctors at Visage Clinic to give us the do’s and don’ts when it comes to getting Botox before your big day! Here’s our comprehensive guide to everything you need to know before you take the plunge!

Will getting Botox before my wedding make my face look “frozen”?

Whether you are getting Botox done for your wedding or just because you want get rid of those wrinkles that have been annoying you, Botox, if done right should never make your face look frozen! That particular cliche should never happen if your treatment is done properly. The perfect botox treatment is one that nobody notices. You should look great and nobody should be able to put their finger on what exactly is different. You should look refreshed, youthful and effortless. The overall effect should be seamless, subtle, and discreet. A treatment that screams “she got Botox done!” is a failed treatment!

Happy wedding couple

How soon before my wedding should I get Botox done?

This is probably the question we get asked most often! When to get Botox done before the big day? Botox starts to kick in 4-5 days after the treatment. The maximum effect from Botox injections is evident after 14 days. And Botox lasts approximately 3 months. Now, let’s be very clear about this…..we do NOT advise that you get Botox two weeks before your wedding.
We recommend that you get your first Botox treatment about 4 months out from your wedding day. Then make sure you attend your 2 week review with the doctor who performed your treatment. If any minor adjustments or additional botox needs to be administer at this stage, then it will be done free of charge.
Then come back for your 3 month consultation, again with the same doctor who performed your first treatment. Ladies, we can’t stress how important consistency is here. It really is so much better to keep to the same doctor if you like their work. At this stage they know your face and its nuisances and how it reacts to the Botox treatment.
You are now about a month out from your wedding day and it’s the perfect time to get your wedding botox done. You will be seen two weeks after the treatment and any minor tweaks and adjustments that may be necessary can be carried out so that on the day of your wedding your Botox treatment is as flawless as your wedding dress!

What happens if I never get Botox done again?

Thanks to the preventative effects of treatment and our conservative approach at Visage Clinic, if you stop, you will look the same or better than you would have looked without ever having had Botox.

The Do’s:

1. Come early, your first treatment should be at least 4 months before your wedding.
2. Attend your two week review, the doctor can’t review his work if you don’t attend.
3. Your pre-wedding Botox should be done about a month out from your wedding.
4. Again, please attend your two week review (there is not charge for this), it allows the doctor to make any minor adjustments if necessary. After all, you want your Botox to look absolutely perfect!
5. Get your Botox treatment done in a reputable clinic, by a qualified doctor.
6. Insist on Botox by Allergen. Botox by Allergen is the best Botox you can get for cosmetic purposes. At Visage Clinic we use only Botox by Allergen.

Happy bride

The Don’ts:

1. Don’t come two weeks before your wedding looking for Botox. Unfortunately we will have to turn you away.
2. Don’t miss your two week review. Botox takes two weeks to take effect and the doctor needs to review you at that time to see if anything needs to be tweaked.
3. Don’t get ‘discount botox’. Can’t believe the amount of women who actually consider this. It’s your face. Cheap or discount are words that should never apply to it!
4. Don’t get your Botox treatment done in a hair salon or a beauty salon. Botox is a medical procedure, albeit done for cosmetic purposes, it should be performed in a clinical setting.
5. Don’t let anyone who is not a doctor perform aesthetic procedures such as botox, dermal fillers or lip fillers on you. Insist on an expert. Get the best treatment and results that you can.

At Visage Clinic, we offer free aesthetic consultations with one of our qualified doctors. We have availability six days a week. Monday to Friday from 6pm – 9pm and Saturdays from 10am – 6pm.