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Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation


Lip Augmentation, the anatomy of perfect lips

Lip augmentation is a common aesthetic treatment. We pride ourselves at Visage Clinic as being the best at what we do. Our medical doctors are experts in a wide range of treatments, but they really love lip augmentation as it combines a medical treatment with an element of artistry. We sat down with our Harley Street trained doctors and asked them about the treatment and the most common questions asked by patients.

Can Lip augmentation give me fuller natural looking lips?

We find that most of the women who come to Visage Clinic for an aesthetic consultation are most concerned about their upper lip being less full looking that their bottom lip. This is a very common complaint and can easily be rectified with professionally carried out lip filler treatments. The ideal proportions for lips is a 40%/60% ratio between the upper and lower lip. Almost nobody has this naturally.  We don’t go in for the so called “trout pout” look here at Visage Clinic and our aim is that everyone who gets a lip filler treatment with is leaves with fuller, yet natural looking lips. Our results speak for themselves.

Cheeky Lip Filler

Do you charge for aesthetic consultations?

No. Our consultations are free of charge. Although most people decide to go ahead with treatment on the day.

How long does the consultation and treatment for Lip Augmentation take?

The consultation takes between 20 and 30 mins and we talk in detail with the patient to find out the look that they want. We answer any questions they may have. The treatment itself takes about 5 minutes.
Most people have thin looking lips due to a lack of volume in the vermillion border and the Cupid’s Bow area. By the careful application of lip fillers in this area we can provide lip augmentation that give a fuller, natural looking upper lip. A lack of volume in the lower lip is usually caused by the lower lip not having enough body and we use lip fillers to subtly add more volume to this area too.

Do Lip Fillers hurt?

No. The treatment is almost painless. The lip filler product contains a small dose of lidocaine local anaesthetic. So after the initial little pinch you don’t feel anything. As we said the procedure is very quick too, typically it takes less than 5 minutes and the results are visible immediately. That’s why we love doing lip fillers, they are probably our favourite treatment to do at Visage Clinic.

Lip filler injection

What lip filler do you use?

At Visage Clinic we use Juvederm Ultra Smile which is a fantastic lip filler specifically designed to be used in lips and it is the industry Gold Standard. Whether you get your lip filler done at Visage Clinic or not, always insist on using Juvederm products as they are head and shoulders above the rest when it come to natural and lasting results.

How much do lip fillers at Visage Clinic cost?

Because of the amount of lip fillers we do at Visage Clinic we are able to offer some of the best prices for lip fillers in Cork. Our lip fillers start at €300 per 0.55ml tube of Juvederm Ultra Smile lip filler. The results last 9-12 months and we guarantee natural, fuller looking lips.